Month: March 2017

Keenow Unblocker Vpn Chrome Extension Download

What is Keenow Unblocker Vpn ?

Wherever you are in the world By experiencing the Keenow VPN experience, you can experience the delightful joy of moving around freely by placing obstacles and constraints on the Internet. Keenow users are enjoying the convenience and enjoyment of providing secure and convenient access to blocked Internet sites using Smart DNS. This product is completely free, but one of the Keenow service’s Streaming Search extensions needs to be installed in order to remove the barriers to your website after the first 24 hours of use. An alternative version of this product will soon be available as a free version. (more…)


Ad remover Chrome Download

What is Ad remover Chrome?

Along with the rapid development of information technologies, there are also variations in applications and programs that have different abilities and features in software. So much so that almost every area that is needed in the business world to spend time in internet environments has become an integral part of everyday life.

What is Ad Remover?

It comes as a tool specially designed and developed by Xplode. AdRemover is a type of software that allows unsubscribed programs with potentially harmful Internet to be removed. The cleaning mode used for computers that have been exposed to viruses at very high levels is completed in periods of time varying from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. In order to be able to run the Adremover tool, it is no longer necessary to disable user account control in Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. AdRemover tool; It is available with 32 – bit and 64 – bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems. (more…)

Touch Vpn Chrome Download

What is Touch Vpn Chrome?

Touch VPN should implement VPN which is a significant contributor to free navigation in the internet environment. It may resolve the Touch VPN application to the blocked web pages and various social media platforms. The VPN application uses many different technologies and protocols. However, on the basis of the application, a tunnel is opened to the opposite network from the location where the computer physically exists.

The information transmitted via this tunnel, which is opened, can not be viewed from the outside because it is encrypted if it is viewed from the outside. Security experts with knowledge of the subject can see the encrypted data stream but can not understand what the content is. (more…)